Texas Schools Make Impact in their New Homes

Texas A & M Aggies
Image by ThePigskinDoctors.com

At the beginning of the 2012 football season, many college football fans were skeptical that Texas A &M was good enough to be considered as an equal with SEC powerhouses like Alabama, LSU, Florida, or even Georgia.  Of course, that kind of speculation was laid to rest with A & M’s 29-24 victory over The Crimson Tide two weeks ago.   By the same token, the same kind of talk was being circulated around by Longhorn and Sooner fans about whether the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs belonged in the Big 12 as well.  Now at least the Longhorn fans know the answer to that question.  The answer is a resounding “Yes”, after the Horned Frogs beat the Longhorns in Austin on Thanksgiving night by a score of  20-13.  It was the first time that TCU had beaten Texas in 20 years. http://lindyssports.com/college-football/big-12/article/headline/tcu-beats-texas-for-first-time-in-20-years/57272

Indeed, the changing of the landscape of college football from a Texas perspective may have not been that dramatic.  Texans can now watch A & M compete on a stage with the premiere football powerhouses of the nation in the SEC, and the Big 12 received another quality Texas program in TCU that will keep the level of competition high for years to come.

Frogs Beat Horns 20-13
Image by Star-Telegram.com

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