UCLA Faces Off Against Baylor in a Bear Fight

The UCLA Bruins (9-4) and the Baylor Bears (7-5) will do battle on the gridiron for the bragging rights to supremacy of the taxonomic family of Ursidae on Thursday night, December 27th in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego, CA, in what promises to be an exciting, high-scoring affair.  Baylor comes in ranked #1 in total offense in the nation and ended the season with victories over Big 12 rivals Kansas State, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State.  However, the Bears of Baylor are 119th in the nation in total defense. 

UCLA Quarterback Brett Hundley

UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley may be able to take advantage of a porous Baylor defense.

Image by Zimbio.com

They (Baylor) are currently on a roll, but UCLA may show some metal playing in front of a friendly Southern California crowd in San Diego in what should be a truly entertaining game.

UCLA Bruins (9-4):            Roby’s Rating:   (8.32)

Baylor Bears (7-5):              Roby’s Rating:  (7.28)

Baylor is on a roll, but UCLA will come ready to play and will be up to the task as head coach Jim Mora will have them prepared.  Slight upset here even though Roby’s Rating doesn’t say that this result is an upset.  Most people will be picking Baylor to win.

Prediction:   UCLA Bruins by 1

Copyright (c) Shayn Roby 2012

Roby’s Rating (TM) is a trademark of Shayn Roby

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