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Did an NFL Player Line Up for the Wrong Team During Sunday’s Pro Bowl? Picture and Video | Video |

A nice sentimental gesture to honor the many years spent together by Saturday and Manning.

Jeff Saturday, on the NFC roster, snaps the ball for the AFC.

Center Jeff Saturday actually snapped the ball for both teams in the Pro Bowl so that he could take one last snap from Peyton Manning.

Image by USA Today

Conservative Byte » CBS Runs Segment: ‘Let’s Give Up on the Constitution’

This is the same network that got caught propagating falsehood regarding the military service record of George W. Bush.

Hillary’s Histrionics Hide Truth – Bruce Bialosky

“What difference does it make?” Understandable Hillary, because if your last name is Clinton, why should you care if you are perceived as a liar or not?

When Cain clubbed Abel to death, God did not punish the National Club Association, he punished Cain.


As the details of another tragedy were just unfolding at a high school in Chardon, Ohio involving a AP Photoyoung shooter, ending in 3 dead, 2 wounded and many traumatized, we were already hearing the cries from the gun control lobby and anti-second amendment Progressives.  We were also hearing the craziness of calls to install TSA type monitoring systems and magnetometers which create Electromagnetic frequencies that can even harm and distort basic DNA, at all high schools and colleges so that Big Brother can monitor every movement our children make.  (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

What we should be looking at is what is causing these violent behaviors from bullying, to cyber-harassment to shootings.  We should be looking at what is lacking in our society, in our method of parenting and in the security programs and supervision and counseling staffs already in place at all schools, which is what David, Cullen, author…

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