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Play Angry: Cinderella Wichita State Shocks Ohio State to Make Final Four |Breitbart (Saturday)

The Shockers of Wichita St. continue to pull off shockers. First it was Gonzaga, now they bounced Ohio St. as well.

AWFUL… Obama’s Church Pastor Pounds Conservatives With Racist Attacks on Easter | The Gateway Pundit

Jim Hoft’s article at Gateway Pundit inspired the question, “Will any liberals renounce the sermon Barack Obama listened to on Resurrection Sunday?”

Redford’s whitewash – |Michelle Malkin New York Post Op-ed

Michelle Malkin is right. The domestic terrorism of The Weathermen Underground is not something to be celebrated. As usual, Hollywood holds its values close to its heart: Advocating the support of tyrannical Communism, rebellion, and violence against those who stand in the way of their twisted ideals.

And Then There Were Eight: Elite Eight Roby Ratings

Team                        W        L                               Teams Played
1. Louisville            32        5                               NCA&T
2.Duke                    30        5                              Albany,Creighton,MichSt.
3.Ohio St.               30        7                              Iona,IowaSt,Arizona
4.Michigan             29        7                             SoDakSt,VCU,Kansas

Wolverines Prevail in Overtime.

Michigan rallied late to force overtime and defeated Kansas to land a spot in the Elite Eight.

5.Florida                 29        7                             NWSt,Minn,FlaGC
6.Marquette           29        8                            Davidson,Butler,Miami
7.Wichita St.          29        8                            Pitt,Gonzaga,LaSalle
8.Syracuse             28         9                           Montana,Cal,Indiana

TV Show ‘Wife Swap’ Sets Up Tea Party Christian With Polyamorous Family: Guess Who Ends Up Looking Reasonable | Video |

The leftist nuts in Hollywood never stop pushing their envelope of immorality. Becket Adams at “The Blaze” reports on an episode of “Wife Swap” in which one of the relationship scenarios involves a menage’ a trois.