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Armed George Zimmerman Stopped for Speeding

Armed George Zimmerman Stopped for Speeding.  Al Sharpton and Barack Obama had plenty to say before, during, and after the George Zimmerman trial.  Never once did either of them bother to check out the facts of the case before they opened their mouths.  The likelihood of another incident occurring with Zimmerman is likely, because liberal race baiters have made sure that George Zimmerman will be targeted by black hate groups such as the New Black Panthers.  He will be forced to look over his shoulder forever, even though the facts of the case showed that Trayvon Martin sprang upon him.   Zimmerman was supposedly targeted as a ‘gay rapist’ by Martin. (at least according to Rachel Jeantel’s testimony on the Piers Morgan show that took place almost immediately after the trial verdict was announced).

Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker Talk Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Racism, and the N-word

Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker Talk Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Racism, and the N-word.  Oprah is buying into the false narrative that Trayvon Martin was mistreated.  The facts of the case actually indicate that Martin profiled George Zimmerman as a ‘gay racist’.  If Trayvon Martin were actually judged by the content of his character, he already would have been in reform school due to the bag of marijuana, the twelve pieces of jewelry, and the large screwdriver found in his backpack by Miami Dade Public School Police.  Of course, in typical liberal fashion, Oprah Winfrey refuses to let little details like FACTS get in the way of her twisted political opinion.  Her East Nashville victicrat attitude hasn’t gone away after all of these years.

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Oprah: “Millions” of Blacks Lynched In America…

Oprah: “Millions” of Blacks Lynched In America….  Weasel Zippers points out the obvious.  Democrats just don’t get that the Southern Democrats were the people doing the lynching and advocating anti-civil rights legislation.  Al Gore, Sr.  repeatedly voted against civil rights legislation.  Lyndon B. Johnson did as well as a U.S. Senator.  His “Great Society” programs were aimed at buying the minority vote when he became President.  His political calculation was correct.  Providing basic subsistence rather than the opportunity for true economic mobility was enough to purchase the vote of most minorities.

(H/T:  Weasel Zippers, Parade Magazine)

Racial Wealth Gap Tripled Since Reagan Era As Whites Increased Large Lead Over Blacks: Marxist Tinted Study

Shayn Roby’s Take:  Once again, someone on the left is clamoring for equality of results, rather than equality of opportunity. People who have made money in the past continue to do those things that made money in the past. It’s not racism, it’s the consequence of good choices versus poor choices. Even the Russians at Pravda understand that Marxist theory doesn’t work. The American Left however, still doesn’t get it. The Soviet Union targeted groups like the NAACP to promote their Communist trash in the days of founder W.E.B. DuBois. Nothing has changed after all of these years.
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Immigration Agents Raise Questions on GOP’s DREAM Act Efforts | Matthew Boyle/Breitbart

Immigration Agents Raise Questions on GOP’s DREAM Act Efforts.  Congressional legislation has been made irrelevant by the selective enforcement of our laws by the Obama administration.

As America Has Done to Israel | John McTernan

Excerpted from John McTernan’s Insights

East Jerusalem thorniest of issues ahead of peace talks 07/29/13  Zechariah 12:9 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

“Netanyahu has said Jerusalem — which Israel unified in the 1967 Six-Day War and claims as its capital — is the heart of the Jewish nation and will never be divided.Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says there can be no agreement and no end to the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis without a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, home to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the last remnants of the Jews’ Second Temple and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.”Jerusalem will be a huge problem” to overcome for any final agreement, says Aaron David Miller, a former adviser on Arab-Israeli peace negotiations to Democratic and Republican secretaries of State. “Down the road, (talks) will fail if Jerusalem is not resolved.”

Unemployment Rates Rise in 90 Percent of US Cities 07/30/13 This was for the month of June but the bad news was reported during the time of this meeting. Remember, that June was officially “Gay Month” and this is part of the curse that hit during that month.

“Unemployment rates rose in nearly all large U.S. cities in June as college graduates and many of those still in school began searching for jobs.The Labor Department said Tuesday that unemployment rates rose in 347 large metro areas in June compared with the previous month. They fell in 12 and were unchanged in 13. In May, rates fell in 109 cities and rose in 243.”

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Copper theft ‘epidemic’ sweeping U.S.

Copper theft ‘epidemic’ sweeping U.S..  Copper is such a hot commodity that thieves are going after the metal anywhere they can find it: an electrical power station in Wichita, Kan., or half a dozen middle-class homes in Morris Township, N.J. Even on a Utah highway construction site, crooks managed to abscond with six miles of copper wire.

Power Stations:  Copper Theft Targets

Power Stations around the United States have been targets for copper theft.

Image Credit:  AP

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Huma Abedin likely to be away from Hillary Clinton – Maggie Haberman –

Huma Abedin likely to be away from Hillary Clinton – Maggie Haberman –  Perhaps Huma could spend the time to catch up with old terrorist acquaintances in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Anthony Weiner Put in His Place by Retired Schoolteacher

Retired schoolteacher Peg Brunda put New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner on the spot when she said that if she conducted herself like him, that she would have lost her job immediately.  She asked him, “How do you expect to supervise city employees when your standard of conduct is much lower than theirs?”

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