Zimmerman Trial Forensic Pathologist Vincent DiMaio Testimony for Defense 07092013 (video)

Shayn Roby’s Take: Forensic evidence doesn’t lie. That evidence establishes that Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman. That automatically creates reasonable doubt. If the jury follows the law, George Zimmerman is not guilty, PERIOD.

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Forensic Pathologist and Defense Witness Vincent DiMaio

While I have no idea what is in the minds of the jury, Wednesday’s testimony by the defense’s witness, forensic pathologist and gunshot expert, Vincent DiMaio was not only impressive, DiMaio backed up claims of self-defense by George Zimmerman.

From where I sit, the prosecution has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman intentionally murdered Trayvon Martin.

I am aware that my viewpoint of the case will not sit well with those who want to see Zimmerman go down but as the saying goes, one is entitled to one’s own opinions but one is NOT entitled to one’s own facts.

Below is a videotape of Wednesday’s testimony by forensic pathologist, Vincent DiMaio.  The video has been broken up into five parts but there is no need to click on additional videos.  I have set it up for continuous play.

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