Left Wing Tyranny: Federal Tax Dollars Spent To Promote Obamacare Lemon

In the past few weeks, the Obama administration has attempted to persuade the National Football League to run Obamacare advertisements during its telecasts.  After some pushback occurred from ShaynRoby.com and scores of other media outlets throughout the blogosphere, the NFL publicly announced that it would decline the offer of the federal government to play those advertisements.  Indeed, it is a smack in the face to the American taxpayer.  The Affordable Care Act is already a burden in the fact that those who are uninsured will have to pay a tax for not having insurance.  An already overburdened government then spends tax revenue to publicize a program that more than 50 percent of Americans oppose.  By the way, the campaign hasn’t stopped even though the NFL decided it didn’t want the stigma of Obamacare  surrounding it.  According to Sarah Kliff at the Washington Post, in Connecticut, selling Obamacare involves airplanes flying banners across beaches. Oregon may reel in hipsters with branded coffee cups for their lattes. And in neighboring Washington, the effort could get quite intimate: The state is interested in sponsoring portable toilets at concerts. Kliff adds, “..The outreach also underscores how states have become willing to try almost anything to make their pitch in the face of a poorly informed and politically divided public.  Oregon will run a $2.9 million campaign leading up to the October launch of the state’s marketplace, called Cover Oregon according to Amy Fauver, chief communications officer at Oregon’s marketplace.  That $2.9 million might have been put to better use by actually purchasing medical supplies or funding available doctors or nurses rather than spending money to sell a lemon program.  The states setting up exchanges are putting much of their focus into reaching young adults, many of whom are healthy. Marketers expect that a monthly premium, potentially upward of $100 a month, will be a tough sell.  “You’re talking about a high degree of skepticism,” said Michael Marchand, who runs communications for the WA HealthPlanFinder, Washington’s marketplace.  And with good reason.  A lemon, is a lemon, is a lemon.  It is rather ironic that port-a-pottie advertising is one of the strategies being employed to sell Obamacare exchanges in Washington.  It reminds one of what the plan really is:  excrement.

(H/T:  Weasel Zippers)

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