David Axelrod Clings to Lie That Zimmerman Stalked Trayvon Martin

TheBlaze.com reported that Obama advisor David Axlerod is at it again with his usual lefty propaganda spin with regard to the George Zimmerman case.

David Axelrod         @davidaxelrod

Setting aside that an unarmed teenager, who was minding his own business, was stalked and killed, and the killer has gone free…1/2

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He added with part 2 of his spin tour of Twitter world

…the undeniable fact is that none of this would have happened if an emboldened George Zimmerman were not carrying a gun that night. 2/2

His torrent of El Toro Caca was refuted by the editor of ShaynRoby.com
with Twitter handle @ShaynRoby1 with these two accurate tweets.
Shayn Roby@ShaynRoby1 32m@davidaxelrod http://wp.me/p2DPg4-1IC  What about this incident? I bet your #Commie butt is 2 much of a #coward to protect this innocent lady.


@davidaxelrod #Trayvon hid in the bushes & got his butt killed when he jumped #Zimmerman . 6 jurors agree with my analysis& not you #Commie


@davidaxelrod None of this would have happened if Miami Dade Public School Police had reported him in the first place with #StolenJewelry.

It truly is a shame that the sycophants in the Democratic Party buy his (Axelrod’s)   garbage hook, line, and sinker.
(H/T:  The Blaze, Twitter)

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