Kira Davis Let’s Loose on MSNBC’s Token: Toure’.

Kira Davis tells it like it is.  She calls MSNBC for being the channel full of white liberals that hires only one black person (she forgot about Al Sharpton, but who wants to think about him?).   She calls Toure’ a tapdancing sideshow, and blasts him for comparing the shooting of Trayvon Martin to the killing of Emmett Till.

Video uploaded to You Tube by Kira Davis

Kira also provided some perspective on the verdict of the trial that is rooted in common sense.  The editor of respectfully disagrees that George Zimmerman was culpable for the death of Trayvon Martin in light of testimony by Rachel Jeantel that she shared on the Piers Morgan show, but still places high regard for what Ms. Davis has to say.

Video uploaded to You Tube by Kira Davis

The editor of believes that Trayvon Martin circled around on Zimmerman,  hid in the bushes and sprang out on him suddenly when he said (instead of going directly to his house, he was only forty seconds outside his father’s door where he got shot) , “You got a problem?” because of the “gay rapist” theory that Rachel Jeantel had just put in his head.  Trayvon was stoned out of his mind.  He had the Skittles and Ice Tea to mix with Robitussin later on.  Yes, Skittles and Arizona Ice Teas are used to mix with Robitussin to get blasted.  Hence the name of the band Trip Lizard’s release of the CD Robotrippin about ten years ago that paid tribute to this phenomenon.  Toxicology reports from Trayvon’s autopsy did show that THC was in his system.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by WeAreTheSavageNation

Having given his take on the tragic incident, the editor of still feels compelled to give the tip of the hat to Kira Davis, who obviously stands for harmony among Americans and true justice, rather than the twisted, so-called “social justice” of the left.

(H/T:   @ErickaAndersen via Twitter, Mediaite, Drudge, National Review Online)

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