Gay And Lesbian Alliance Silent On Trayvon Martin Gay Panic Revelation

Shayn Roby’s Take: Rachel Jeantel put liberals in awkward position. She slammed homosexuals, and also basically admitted that Trayvon Martin didn’t try to go directly home, but circled around and hid in the bushes because he didn’t want to lead the “gay rapist” to his house. My, my, the positions liberals get put in when they can’t remember which lie to tell.  On this one, liberals have to keep their mouths shut, mainly because they don’t know who to support, the stupid girl who just keeps exposing Trayvon Martin, or the LGBT bully pulpit that they are always so fond of.  On this issue, it’s hard for a liberal to open their mouth without having to taste the sole of his or her shoe.  Rachel just sealed the deal for anyone with half a brain.  (Yes libs, I get it.  Most of you may not have half a brain.) The jury got it right.

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