Pennsylvania: “Abu Nancy” gets 8 1/2 years for promoting jihad against Americans

Shayn Roby’s Take: This man actually solicited people to commit terrorist acts on American soil. That is the very definition of treason. The penalty for treason is death. Eight and a half years is a ridiculously light sentence.

Creeping Sharia

via Muslim terrorist from Armstrong County gets 8 1/2 years in plot | (video at the link)

PITTSBURGH — A judge has handed down an eight-and-a-half-year sentence to a man who pleaded guilty to using the Internet to promote terror attacks against American military and civilian targets.

Prosecutors said he promoted attacks in posts he made on an Islamic extremist web forum he moderated.

Emerson Begolly, 24, of Redbank Township, Armstrong County, also pleaded guilty to having a loaded pistol when he allegedly bit two FBI agents who tried to question him before his arrest in January 2011.

U.S. attorney David Hickton said, “Today, Emerson Begolly was sentenced to eight and a half years in federal prison for soliciting like-minded radical jihadists to commit atrocities and murder, and for using a concealed firearm during his assault on FBI agents.”

Begolly, whose Internet nickname was Abu Nancy, faced a…

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