PBS Host Smiley: Obama Race Speech ‘Weak As Pre-Sweetened Kool-Aid’ and Other Liberal Fairy Tales

PBS Host Smiley: Obama Race Speech ‘Weak As Pre-Sweetened Kool-Aid’.  Mr. Smiley is still buying into the fairy tale that George Zimmerman profiled and stalked George Zimmerman, when the facts of the case point to something else.  Rachel Jeantel’s testimony on the Piers Morgan show allows one to use her Freudian slip to deduce that a homophobic Trayvon Martin circled around and sprang upon an unsuspecting George Zimmerman, who had headed back to his vehicle.   Bill Whittle of PJ Media summed up the distortion of facts that the spin doctors of the Obama administration and the mainstream media have been perpetrating.  President Obama went on national television and still stuck pushing the lie that Zimmerman profiled Martin, when the reverse is actually what happened.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by PJ Media

Alfonzo Rachel, who is African American puts the icing on the cake in summary of the current situation  in light of the ridiculous fake outrage perpetrated by the Obama administration and his liberal friends in the mainstream media with respect to the verdict in the Zimmerman trial.

(H/T:  Breitbart, Mediaite, Bill Whittle and Alfonso Rachel/PJ Media)

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