Michigan mosque may force festival to relocate drinking area

Shayn Roby’s Take: Zoning laws are thwarted so that the mosques can be present, and then other people’s liberties are curtailed because a mosque is there. If these sub-human animals choose to worship Allah/Lucifer in their mosques that’s one thing. However, if someone wants to have a beer and a ham sandwich in front of that mosque when it was permitted before they moved into the area, then the terrorists -in-training should have to learn to be tolerant of other people. If they are unable to do so, then they should return to the Third World, plastic explosive loving country that they came from.

Creeping Sharia

Once again we see mosques being approved where zoning laws don’t allow them. But as Jihad Watch notes, this goes much further: “If the mosques object to the consumption of alcohol in front of their establishments, the festival will be forced to relocate the drinking area.”

“…wherever Islamic custom and practice conflict with American custom and practice, the latter must give way. Note also the deception and duplicity from the Al Islah Mosque leaders in the matter regarding the windows.” ~ Jihad Watch

via Mosque’s design is OK’d by city council | Hamtramck Review.

After being denied twice, the proposed mosque at Jos. Campau and Caniff can go ahead with new design plans.

Several months ago the leaders of the Al Islah Mosque were told to go back to the drawing board because they wanted to cover up most of the windows at the building.

That design did…

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