The Fragile Faith Of Fox News, Ctd

Shayn Roby’s Take:  Any writing about Jesus by a Muslim is to be taken with a grain of salt, unless that person has been overcome by the presence of Our Lord and Saviour, as happened to Saul (he was actually a Jew who had Roman Citizenship). His life was transformed from being a person of power who killed Christians to one of humble servitude who served his fellow Christian brother and those who had yet to know Jesus. Indeed, Jesus has appeared to Muslims today and their lives have been transformed from the hatred and confusion of jihad, to the love and hope that can only come from the Holy Spirit when one is inside the will of Jesus the Son and Jehovah the Father, the Great I Am.

The Dish

So they finally have to grapple with their inquisition of scholar Reza Aslan because he is a Muslim writing about Jesus in his new book Zealot. How do they air the debate? By getting wingnut Brent Bozell on to pile on. No one is there to present Aslan’s argument; the Foxbot interviewer doesn’t even raise a defense of the author as a means to facilitate a discussion. Criticism of the interview is explained by Muslim super-sensitivity. There is absolutely no intent to explore the issue in a balanced or even faintly open way.

It’s just, well, disturbing, divisive, anti-intellectual propaganda. But for Roger Ailes, all those features are a plus.

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