The Hoodie as a Sign, Screen, Expectation, and Force (EXCERPT)

Shayn Roby’s Take: This article really tells it like it ain’t. Rachel Jeantel accidentally spilled the beans about what really happened that night when she said that Zimmerman might be a “gay rapist” in her interview on the Piers Morgan Show. Comparing the shooting of the burglar Trayvon Martin (yes Miami Dade Public School Police had previously caught Trayvon with twelve pieces of jewelry and a big screwdriver along with his baggie with marijuana residue in his bookbag.) to Emmett Till is insulting to those who have actually suffered from true racism. BTW, that same opinion is given by Conservative and African American Kira Davis for those who would like to hurl racism accusations. (To be fair, Kira said that part of her was deeply saddened by the verdict, so I don’t want to misrepresent her.) This entire incident has been misrepresented by the left from the beginning. MSNBC was caught selectively editing the tape recording of Zimmerman with the police dispatcher to make it sound like George was a racist. The DOJ actually spent federal tax dollars to help organize protests for Trayvon Martin when charges had not yet been filed. Barack Obama made comments about Trayvon, before Zimmerman was charged, after he was charged, and after the verdict. He made no such references to the beating of a white lady by an African American thug in front of her child in a home invasion, nor of the shooting of a ‘White Hispanic’ thirteen month-old Antonio West by two black teenagers in Atlanta, Georgia. Apparently that murder wasn’t important enough to President Obama to comment on. Perhaps the primary reason is that it didn’t fit the VICTOCRAT Marxist story line of the oppressed class being victimized by the more powerful class, in classic Alinskyite playbook fashion.  Of course, President Obama missed one important point as well:  George Zimmerman isn’t even really a ‘white man’ as pointed out so eloquently by Alfonzo Rachel of PJ Media.

(H/T:, Bill Whittle and Alonzo Rachel/PJ Media and Kira Davis)

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