NAACP Launches ‘Trayvon’s Law’ Campaign

NAACP Launches ‘Trayvon’s Law’ Campaign.  CEO Ben Jealous said, “What happened to Trayvon Martin must never happen again.  Trayvon’s Law will serve as the foundation for community advocates as they work to end laws and practices that contributed to his death and to create new policies that will prevent further tragedies.  Given Jealous’s rhetoric, one would think that the National Association Against Calm and Peace was pursuing legislation to combat the profiling of ‘gay rapists’.  The NAACP is choosing to totally ignore the facts of the George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin confrontation.  Rachel Jeantel’s testimony on the Piers Morgan show makes it clear that Trayvon stalked George because Rachel had told him that Zimmerman might be a ‘gay rapist’.  The genie can’t be put back in the bottle.  Jealous and his race baiting organization that has its roots in Communism (yes founder W.E.B. DuBois was an admitted and unrepentant Communist until the day he died.) can either close their mouths and be thought foolish, or they can continue to spew their venom and remove all doubt that their cumulative intelligence quotients approach that of  a rotten eggplant.  Perhaps the editor of shouldn’t go here, but isn’t it ironic that the CEO of the NAACP has the name of Ben (or is it Been) Jealous?  Just out of curiosity, it almost seems appropriate to ask if Green With Envy is perhaps his trusted secretary??   Perhaps, Ben in Prison is the body guard??  Which in itself reminds the editor, if Trayvon Martin had been arrested for those twelve pieces of jewelry and that huge screwdriver found in his bookbag by Miami Dade Public School Police, perhaps he would have been in reform school, and would not have been out on the street buying his Skittles and Watermelon Arizona drink to mix with his Robitussin so that he could get a ‘Lean’ buzz to go with the weed he smoked that night.  Facts are like that for the clueless Victicrat liberals within the NAACP:  an INCONVENIENT TRUTH, with all due respect to Al ‘Jazeera’ Gore.

(H/T: Breitbart)

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