Liberal Zombies Sign Petition to Release Illegal Alien Rapists and Murderers from American Prisons

Mark Dice, a conservative political activist who manages to get liberal zombies to sign outrageous petitions has done it again.  In repeated displays of limited cranial function, mindless liberal zombies signed a petition to allow for the release of illegal aliens from prison, even if they had committed violent crimes such as armed robbery, rape, or murder.


“Help get the illegals out of prisons and jails, and support Obama.” Dice asked one man, handing him the petition to sign while out on the street in San Diego.

“Yeah why not.” the man replied without question.

Dice then pushed even further by stating, “They deserve a second chance. Murderers, burglars, rapists.”

Still the man continued to fill in his details in support of the proposition, stating “Yeah I hear what you’re saying.”

Read the entire story at


(H/T:  Steve Watson/

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