Egyptian Christians Living in Fear of Muslim Brotherhood: Obama Staunchly Supports Morsi’s Islamic Terror Group

Liam Stack, on The Lede Blog at the New York Times wrote an article that highlights the plight of the Coptic Christians in Egypt, who make up less than ten percent of the population in the country.  According to Stack, The Muslim Brotherhood has designated the Christians as the scapegoat for the military intervention in ousting the harsh proponents of Shariah law from governmental rule.  On August 15th, David N. Kirkpatrick, New York Times correspondent in Cairo wrote, “The ultraconservative Nour Party, the liberal April 6 group and the far-left Revolutionary Socialists spoke out against the killings. But most other political factions denounced the Islamists as a terrorist threat and applauded the government action.”  

American President Barack Obama’s response to the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood was, “Instead of ‘reconciliation’ after the military takeover, he said, “we’ve seen a more dangerous path taken through arbitrary arrests, a broad crackdown on Mr. Morsi’s associations and supporters, and now tragically the violence that’s taken the lives of hundreds of people and wounded thousands more.” Mr. Obama added that “our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back.”

(That didn’t seem to be a problem for Mr. Obama when just Christians were being killed.)

It is apparent that Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s actions and attitudes clearly reflect the bias that his middle name alludes to.  He is biased against Christianity.  It is apparent in his policies, both foreign and domestic.  He has been a solid supporter of Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and is in the corner of CAIR in the United States.  He couldn’t bring himself to characterize the Fort Hood Massacre as Islamic Terrorism, but referred to it as ‘workplace violence’ in one of the most cowardly and disrespectful interactions toward the United States Military in American history.    It is time for Christians to get on their knees and pray for Barack Obama to change his heart, or for America to be delivered from his tyrannical unGODliness.

(H/T:  Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights on Twitter, Liam Stack/The Lede and David N. Kirkpatrick in Cairo /NY Times, Human Intervention Centre via Twitter)

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