We need gang control, not gun control; Update: Arrest in Delbert Belton murder

Trayvon was a burglar. Libs conveniently ignore the fact that Miami Dade Public School Police found 12 pieces of jewelry, a big screw driver, and a baggie with marijuana residue in Martin’s book bag. He was not reported to authorities because the district was focusing on “reducing young black crime statistics”. Delbert Belton served this country with honor and Americans owe their freedom to Delbert and many other veterans like him. It’s a travesty that the left is up in arms over the death of a thug, but don’t bat an eyelash at the brutal beating and death of a first class human being. Of course, it shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s merely a reflection of the values of the Democratic Party.

2 thoughts on “We need gang control, not gun control; Update: Arrest in Delbert Belton murder

  1. Kim

    I am writing to say that
    trayvon martin was kidnapped by george zimmerman and mark his attorney. they are living in
    cheney washington. odin lloyd is also out here..
    Carlos Castro is Mark and
    george zimmerman is daniel castro they both are working at the Cheney
    Police Dept Using John Hensley And Mike. the people are being kidnapped
    by the police depts through
    us are a going home soon
    everybody be ready for
    celebration in the next 2 months its going to be in spokane washington i just wanted to say that trayvon
    martin doesnt ever have to
    steal or do crimes hes going to court with me and
    million other people are going to be free thanks
    to me.the court is going to
    award them all with money even myself will get money. i filed in court
    last year its going to happen soon.


    1. Shayn Roby Post author

      Normally I wouldn’t allow such a rambling, schizophrenic reply to be posted. However it just hit me; such a response is very similar to that of what the average Democrat considers to be a rational, well-written article. I’m going to let it stand in the spirit of letting the left display their inferior intellectual prowess.
      Shayn Roby



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