Colin Powell Calls Trayvon Martin Verdict “Questionable”… | Weasel Zippers

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell mentioned the civil rights struggle endured by Martin Luther King while referring to the verdict of “not guilty” for George Zimmerman regarding the charges of 2nd degree murder and manslaughter in the killing of Trayvon Martin. The irony of the situation is that if indeed Trayvon Martin had been judged by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin, he would have already been in the custody of the Florida juvenile justice system for burglaries that he had previously committed. He was found with 12 pieces of jewelry and a large screwdriver by Miami Dade Public School Police when they searched his book bag at school. Unfortunately, one of the stated goals of Miami Dade PSD was to reduce crime statistics among black teenage males. They accomplished this by neglecting to report crimes such as the burglaries committed by Trayvon Martin.

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