Tennessee: Five Pillars of Islam in public school |Creeping Shariah

Shayn Roby’s Take:  The parents of Springfield High School should not tolerate such blatant indoctrination of Islamic principles. Anything that excludes Jesus is of Satan. If the principles of Islam are permitted to be displayed upon the wall, then Christian children should be permitted to post John 3:16, and the Ten Commandments up on the wall. If the argument for not allowing posting of Christian principles becomes, “Christianity is not in the curriculum,”, then that issue should be addressed as well.

Creeping Sharia

Infiltration and dawah via Atlas Shrugs.


Thanks to Donny for sending the photo. He writes —

It is evident that the only religion allowed to express their religion and political clout in public schools are the Muslims and the teachings of Islam. Here, although not a good picture are clearly the 5 pillars of Islam on a wall (5 posters total) first day of school at Springfield High School, in Robertson County, Freshmen hall, home to the newest mosque. This is indoctrination of the Kafirs, our children. If they can have this type of access to our children all or none should be able to do the same. This picture was sent to me by a FB friend from the area.

Some worldly individual added the sixth pillar of Islam to the list – jihad.

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