Another Street Preacher Arrested in the U.K.

Shayn Roby’s Take: It is atrocious that preachers of the gospel are being arrested. However, all of the Disciples of our Lord Jesus were killed for following Him except for John. The reality is, we all might be called upon to take such a stand for His name’s sake. The prayer of the editor of is that the name of Christ will be glorified for those who endure persecution in service of Jesus and the Great “I AM”.



At Christian Concern, we recently sent our supporters a letter highlighting the arrests of Christian street preachers.

Just this week, a similar incident took place again.


On Thursday (6 September) evangelist Rob Hughes was preaching on a high street in Basildon when he was arrested by police for a statement he didn’t even make.

A bystander made a false accusation against him to the police and they arrested him on the basis of this false accusation.

He was taken to Basildon police station and held there for seven and a half hours before being released at around 11.30pm last night.

We were in contact with him as the arrest was taking place and were able to send a solicitor to help him in the police interview process.


Mr Hughes said: “I am so grateful that the Christian Legal Centre was able to react quickly and effectively in my…

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