What Fast Food Workers and Teachers Have in Common: Rich Hoffman and Matt Clark talk about it on WAAM Radio

Shayn Roby’s Take: The statement, “Workers of the World Unite” was coined by Karl Marx. He was the father of Communism. It’s a historical fact.

Overmanwarrior's Wisdom

Matt Clark had me on his WAAM radio show in Ann Arbor, Michigan to discuss the inflated wages fast-food workers have been demanding as unions are attempting to infect the food service industry with communist oriented mediocrity.  During our conversation we covered some of my personal stories and feelings about how value has been robbed from all fields of endeavor due to the subtle influence of communism through labor unions, and how that has lowered the performance level of productivity in America.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW MY THOUGHTS ON THIS MATTER IN GREATER DETAIL.  As our discussion evolved we discussed public school teachers and how they are like the ridiculous fast-food worker in thinking they are worth a lot more money than they really are just because of their collective-bargaining agreements.  Watch and listen to the interview for yourself:

What has been robbed from the fast food industry, the…

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