SEIU Up to Old Liberal Tricks: Paying People to Protest

Pamela Geller at AtlasShrugs blog posted a You Tube video by Patrick S. Poole in which a McDonald’s employee admits to being paid fifteen dollars to protest against World War II veterans.

Patriot member of the House Michelle Bachmann helped make sure that these honorable servants of our nation received the opportunity to view the World War II Memorial.

Video uploaded to YOu Tube by Patrick S. Poole

Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas appropriately pointed out those who tried to prevent the World War II veterans from rolling inside the memorial in their wheelchairs as ‘mean-spirited’.  Although using a few other choice adjectives to more accurately describe the anti-American trash that would prevent the veterans’ access, in gentlemanly fashion, Congressman Gohmert refrained from doing so.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Patrick S. Poole

(H/T:  Pamela Geller via Twitter and AtlasShrugs Blog)

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