Week Five Interconference Standings for Football Bowl Subdivision

Shayn Roby’s Take: Records from inter-conference play might suggest that Alabama and Oregon might meet in the national title game if both teams remain undefeated. However, Ohio State fans probably wouldn’t be very happy if that occurred. Their Buckeyes are currently undefeated, and went unbeaten all of last year.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Conference                                 Record            Pct.

1. Pacific Twelve                          29-4                 .879

2. Southeastern                          32-7                  .821

3. Atlantic Coast                          30-7                  .811

4.Big Ten                                       36-11                 .766

5. Big Twelve                                 22-8                   .733

6. American Athletic                    18-19                 .486

7. Sun Belt                                     14-18                 .438

8. Mountain West                         16-21                 .432

9.Mid-American                            18-28                 .391

10.Conference USA                       17-34                .333

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