Roby Ratings for Week Eight of College Football Bowl Subdivision

Shayn Roby’s Take: Alabama still is the team to beat. Ohio State, Oregon, Florida State and Baylor all are strong challengers.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Team                      Record                    Result                          Week Nine

1. Alabama            (7-0)                        Beat Arkansas 52-0      vs. Tennessee

2. Ohio State         (7-0)                        Beat Iowa 34-24            vs. Penn State

3. Oregon               (7-0)                        Beat Wash. St. 62-38    vs. UCLA

4. Florida St.           (6-0)                        Beat Clemson 51-14     vs. NC State

5. Baylor                 (6-0)                         Beat Iowa St. 71-7         @Kansas

6. Miami                  (6-0)                        Beat UNC 27-23              vs. Wake Forest

7. Texas Tech          (7-0)                        Beat W. Va. 37-27            @Oklahoma

8. Oklahoma St.     (5-1)                        Beat TCU 24-10                @Iowa State

9. Missouri              (7-0)                        Beat Florida 36-17           vs. South Carolina

10.Stanford             (6-1)                        Beat UCLA 24-10              @Oregon St.

11.Oklahoma          (6-1)                         Beat Kansas 34-19           vs. Texas Tech

12.Fresno State      (6-0)                         Beat UNLV 38-14              @San Diego State

13.No. Illinois          (7-0)                         Beat Cent. Mich. 38-17     vs. Eastern Michigan

14.Clemson          …

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