Obama Team in Damage Control/ Propaganda Mode in Regard to Affordable Care Act

Portions of this article were excerpted from Roby’s Right Corner.

The propaganda being slapped forward in order to promote the so-called Affordable Care Act by United States Shyster-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama has earned him the name of President “Slap Chop” by Southern California liberal talk show host Brian Whitman of 870 KRLA .

Video Uploaded to You Tube by JennyReviews

Although The Answer is a conservative talk show, Whitman is the sole liberal pitted against Ben Shapiro and Alisha Krauss, both of whom are conservative. Obama’s embarrassing and desperate promotion of his disastrous socialist healthcare debacle commonly known as Obamacare has more than earned the derogatory name of President Slap Chop.  To add insult to injury, the political left must shoulder the embarrassment that “the most liberal president of all time would oversee the most notable technological failure by the federal government, perhaps ever” as coined by Chris Stirewalt of FoxNews.com.

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