FBS Victories Vs. Teams With Two or Less Losses (10/30)

Shayn Roby’s Take: Alabama and Ohio State sit atop this list, as well as in the Roby Ratings Top 25. However, a few undefeated teams have yet to play and beat a team with two losses or less, which means they have done very little to prove their metal so far. Miami (Fl), No. Illinois, and Fresno State all fall into this category.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Team               Record           2 or Less Losses List

*-Note:  In order to qualify for this particular list, teams had to have two losses or less.

This list differs in order from the current Roby Ratings, but reflects what SUPERIOR teams a particular team have BEATEN.  Rationale for changing rankings in the Roby Ratings might indeed come from this list.

1. Alabama       (2-0)                Va. Tech 35-10, Tx. A&M 49-42

2.Ohio St.         (2-0)                  Buffalo 40-20, Wisconsin 31-24

3.Oregon          (1-0)                 UCLA 42-14

4.Baylor             (1-0)                Buffalo 70-13

5.Florida St.       (1-0)               Clemson 51-14

6.Oklahoma     (2-1)              Notre Dame 35-21, Tx Tech 38-30,

(Texas 20-36)

7.Notre Dame  (2-2)            Michigan St. 17-13

Arizona State 37-34

(Michigan 30-41)

(Oklahoma 21-35)

8. Auburn        (1-1)              Texas A&M 45-41

(LSU 21-35)

9.Stanford        (3-0)*           AZ St. 42-28, UCLA 24-10, Oregon St. 20-12


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