North Carolina Republican switches party affiliation: ‘I guess being American just isn’t good enough’ for the GOP anymore

Shayn Roby’s Take: Jason Thigpen’s comment, “I guess being American just isn’t good enough” for the GOP anymore,” is ironic indeed. It’s ironic in light of the fact that the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama publicly stated that Nigeria was his ‘home country’, and that the website – the official website for Dystel & Goderich, Obama’s literary agents – was using the Barack Obama “born in Kenya” language until April 2007, just two months after then-Senator Obama declared his campaign for the presidency.

(H/T:  Ben Shapiro/

The Fifth Column

Jason Thigpen is not the first GOP politician to come over to the left in recent weeks.   This indicates to me, that something is very wrong with today’s Republican Party…

The Raw Story

Yesterday, a North Carolina Republican congressional candidate switched his party affiliation to Democrat, saying that he “refuse[s] to be part of an extremist movement in the GOP that only appears to thrive on fear and hate mongering of anyone and everyone who doesn’t walk their line.”

In a statement posted on his website, Jason Thigpen criticized the establishment candidate, Walter Jones, saying “[t]he GOP leadership has such little regard and faith in the more than 1 Million people whom live in NC’s 3rd Congressional District that they don’t believe even one of us are good enough to represent OUR District. So they sent a lobbyist who’s lived in Washington, D.C. for the last 15 or…

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2 thoughts on “North Carolina Republican switches party affiliation: ‘I guess being American just isn’t good enough’ for the GOP anymore

  1. Jeremy D Adams

    Former Democrat Jason Thigpen was never a Republican. Besides the fact that he had never participated in a single Republican event in our District… ever. He doesn’t know the first thing about economics or monetary policy. He never made anything but fluffy emotional appeals that had little basis in fact. He didn’t demonstrate the first step in knowledge about individual liberty versus collectivism.

    He just ran as a Republican first so that he could make a show of switching to Democrat (but that was probably hastened by the fact that Karl Rove crony Taylor Griffin got into the Republican primary race). Thigpen was a Democrat the whole time. The only politician Thigpen ever supported was Democrat Mike McIntyre.

    For months I asked him about positions on policies, and he never answered a single one. Gave some vague appeal to doing what the people wanted to him do and attacked one of the leading opponents of the un-Constitutional wars left in the House today!

    Thigpen was a sham to begin with. If he even wins the Democrat primary I’d be surprised and if he doesn’t he’ll lose to Jones as massively as Erik Anderson did.


    1. Shayn Roby Post author

      I thought that was rather obvious from Mr. Thigpen’s stance on the issues. However, I found the “being American” comment just a bit too enticing to pass up, being that Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen according to the United States Constitution. How ironic it is that this libtard is discussing being an American, when our current Commander-in-Chief doesn’t even meet that criteria.



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