‘Obama has rebranded himself as a liar, forever’ | Bob Unruh/ WND

Bob Unruh of WND.com wrote that President ‘Obama has rebranded himself as a liar, forever’. Of course, presently more than four million people have lost their insurance plans since the President started cavalierly extending his empty promise:  “If you like your health insurance plan you can keep it.  If you like your doctor, you can keep him. PERIOD.”

Video Uploaded to You Tube by bydesign001

Christopher Conover, research scholar in the Center for Health Policy & Inequalities Research at Duke University told The Daily Caller that if Obamacare is fully implemented, 68 percent of Americans with private health insurance will not be able to keep their plan.  Conover also says it is hard to imagine President Obama was not aware of this scenario when he was promoting his health care bill by promising Americans they could keep their health insurance and doctor if they wanted to keep them.

(H/T:  Bob Unruh/WND and Jamie Weinstein/The Daily Caller)

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