NCAA Football FBS Inter-Conference Winning Percentages (11/20)

Shayn Roby’s Take: In case anyone was wondering, the Southeastern Conference has the highest inter-conference winning percentage in the Football Bowl Subdivision. That statistic, coupled with the fact that the SEC has captured seven BCS titles in a row, is the reason very few people would consider removing Alabama from the top spot in favor of Florida State, Ohio State, or Baylor.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Conference              Record           Winning Percentage

1. Southeastern      (42-7)                       0.857

2.Pacific Twelve      (30-6)                       0.833

3.Big Ten                (37-11)                      0.771

4.Atlantic Coast     (36-11)                      0.766

5.Big Twelve           (22-8)                        0.733

6.Am. Athletic         (20-20)                     0.500

7.Sun Belt                (19-21)                     0.475

8.Mountain West   (19-26)                      0.422

9.Independents      (25-35)                      0.417

10.Mid-American    (20-32)                     0.385

11.Conf. USA            (18-36)                     0.333


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