Division I NCAA Basketball Inter-Conference Winning Percentages (11/21)

Shayn Roby’s Take: 68 Unbeaten teams remain in intercollegiate hoops. The Big Ten has the highest winning percentage among Division I College Basketball Conferences with a mark of 89.6%.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Conference           Record           Winning Percentage

1. Big Ten               (43-5)                   0.896

Undefeated Teams:  Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue, Ohio State

2.West Coast       (33-5)                   0.868

Undefeated Teams:   BYU, Loyola Marymount, St. Mary’s, San Diego, Gonzaga, Pepperdine, Pacific

3.Pac Twelve         (41-7)                   0.854

Undefeated Teams:   Arizona, Arizona State, California, Oregon, UCLA, Utah

4.Big Twelve         (30-6)                   0.833

Undefeated Teams:  Oklahoma State, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa State, Baylor

5.Big East              (28-6)                    0.824

Undefeated Teams:  Providence, Creighton, Butler, Villanova, Xavier

6.Am. Atl.             (30-8)                     0.789

Undefeated Teams:  Louisville, Connecticut, Houston, South Florida, Cincinnati

7.Atlantic Ten     (38-11)                   0.776

Undefeated Teams:  George Washington, George Mason, Massachusetts, Saint Louis, Dayton

8.Southeastern  (36-11)                 0.766

Undefeated Teams:  Texas A&M, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi St., Mississippi

9.Atlantic Coast (44-14)                 0.759

Undefeated Teams:   Wake Forest, Syracuse, Florida State, Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech, Clemson

10.MO. Valley    (22-12)                 0.647

Undefeated Teams:  Wichita State, Evansville, Missouri State

11.Mtn. West    (23-15)                   0.605

Undefeated Teams:  Boise State, Utah State, New Mexico


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