Democratic Party Prepares Thanksgiving Propaganda Guide

Yes, the Democratic Party prepared a propaganda guide for the Obama Zombies, so that they can have something with which to battle their conservative relatives at the Thanksgiving table. (That makes sense, most liberals have trouble thinking for themselves!!)  Head zombie of the Democratic Party, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz sent out this tweet.

When truth and logic is not on one’s side, it makes sense that the party must ‘educate’ their foot soldiers/ stool pigeons.  One would think that ‘the party’ (Communist/Democratic/ Progressive)  would be content with the constant indoctrination of the public that already takes place through the liberal propaganda shoveled out by NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN on a daily basis without resorting to the distribution of more guano to be distributed at the Thanksgiving dinner table.


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