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College Football Bowl Results: Monday Dec. 30

Shayn Roby’s Take: Today’s Bowl Game winners were, Navy, Ole Miss, Oregon, and Arizona State. Mack Brown coached his last game at Texas. Arizona State left people scratching their heads as they were wondering how in the world the Sun Devils ever made it to the Pac-12 Championship game.

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Monday, December 30 2013

Armed Forces Bowl

Fort Worth Texas

Music City Bowl

Nashville, Tennessee

Video Uploaded to You Tube by OMREBEL4Ever

Mississippi 25  Georgia Tech 17

Alamo Bowl

San Antonio, Texas

Oregon 30  Texas 7

Holiday Bowl

San Diego, California

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Final Regular Season Pro-Gridiron Roby Ratings

Shayn Roby’s Take: The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos nailed down the top two spots in the final regular season Roby Ratings. Two teams, the Arizona Cardinals (10-6) and the Miami Dolphins (8-8) did not make the playoffs, but finished in the top twelve, but there was no room in the inn for them. Green Bay (ranked 17th) won the NFC North with an 8-7-1 record, and the Philadelphia Eagles (ranked 13th) claimed the NFC East with a 10-6 record.

(H/T:  ESPN,

Shayn Roby's Pro Gridiron Report

Team         Record       PD         WP         LD       CR

1.Sea         13-3          18.6      105.5     (0.36)    123.7

Car,SF,Jac,Hou,Tn,Ari,StL,TB,Atl,Min,NO,NYG,StL, (Ind),(SF),(Ari)

2.Den          13-3         20.7       101        (0.39)  121.3

Bal,NYG,Oak,Phi,Dal,Jac,Was,SD,KC,KC,TN Hou,Oak,(Ind),(NE),(SD)

3.Car         12-4         12.5         97.5       (0.75)    109.3


4.Cin           11-5           12.5        98.0    (1.94)   108.6


5.SF           12-4          13.4        91.5       (0.23)   104.7


6.NE         12-4          10.6         93.0       (0.66)   102.9


7.NO           11-5           11.0        91.0    (0.93)    101.1

Atl,TB,Ari,Mia,Chi,Buf,Dal,SF,Atl,Car,TB, (NE),(NYJ),(Sea),(StL),(Car)

8.Ind           11-5            5.5         90.0   (1.08)       94.4


9.Ari       10-6              5.5        81.0     (1.07)      85.4


10.KC            11-5           12.5        70.0   (0.56)       81.9


11.SD        9-7               4.8       78.0      (3.05)       79.8


12.Mia    8-8              (1.8)     78.0       (2.59)      73.6


13.Phi          10-6             6.0        63.5  (2.06)       67.4


14.Pit       8-8                0.9      64.5     (2.80)        62.6


15.Chi    8-8             (3.3)      68.0      (3.56)        61.1


16.Bal    8-8               (3.2)     61.5      (2.30)       56.0


17.GB       8-7-1           (1.1)      58.8    (2.48)        55.2


18.StL   7-9            (1.6)         57.0        (2.13)      53.3


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Marc Lamont Hill clarifies remarks about Romneys ‘hauling out a black person’

Shayn Roby’s Take: Marc-Lamont Hill is trying to defend the racist comments that were made regarding Mitt Romney’s grandson on an MSNBC segment hosted by Melissa Harris-Perry. Ironically, at the beginning of the show, Harris-Perry said that she had comedians present. After taking in the offensive, racist comments that were made, the only joke that comes to mind is: Melissa Harris-Perry and this MSNBC panel actually consider themselves to be journalists.

Mrs. Dee Dee McCarron Screaming War Eagle?!?!?

Shayn Roby’s Take: Maybe there IS HOPE for peace in the Middle East. If even Alabama and Auburn fans can put their extreme disdain for one another aside, reconciliation is possible ANYWHERE!!! Indeed there may be hope for our planet after all.

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This year has brought a monumental change in human behavior that may sweep across our nation.  Never again will one American be able to hate another.  Well, maybe that’s stretching the Truth quite a bit.  However, something has happened that almost never happens.  An Alabama fan is rooting for Auburn during a football game.  Mrs. McCarron reportedly met Tre Mason in New York at the Heisman ceremonies and according to Graham Watson of Yahoo Sports, is rooting for the player and not necessarily the team.  The Crimson Tide mom tweeted this picture of a shirt that she ordered for the National Championship game.

(H/T: Graham Watson/Yahoo Sports and Twitter)

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Alabama Crimson Tide Take On Oklahoma Sooners in the Sugar Bowl

Shayn Roby’s Take: The Crimson Tide are disappointed that they won’t be playing for a third consecutive national championship, but they still are better than the Sooners. Expect Alabama to prevail by at least one touchdown.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sugar Bowl

New Orleans, Louisiana

76.0 Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Oklahoma Sooners 50.9

Alabama by 7

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GLAAD issues statement on Phil Robertson’s return to ‘Duck Dynasty’

Shayn Roby’s Take: GLAAD (Is that Gays, Lesbians, Allies of Annoying Democrats?) spokesperson Wilson Cruz has made false statements about Phil Robertson. Of course that should come as no surprise. An individual who already openly defies God’s laws is not going to bat an eyelash at telling a couple of lies about someone.

Saturday, December 28 College Bowl Results: Irish and Tar Heels Roll

Shayn Roby’s Take: The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and North Carolina Tarheels both ended their seasons on a positive note. The Tar Heels steamrolled the Cincinnati Bearcats by 22 points, while Notre Dame won a decisive, but closer decision with a 29-16 win over the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pinstripe Bowl

New York, New York

Notre Dame 29    Rutgers 16

Belk Bowl

Charlotte, North Carolina

North Carolina 39  Cincinnati 17

Russell Athletic Bowl

Orlando, Florida

(Yahoo Sports, GoHeelsTV, ESPN/Twitter)

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