The American Dream, Some People Do Get It

There is hope in America.  Some people see opportunity rather than barriers.  They have the attitude of “Carpe diem” rather than the mindset of “What can my Uncle Sam give me for free today?”

Two examples of the “Carpe diem” mindset are Deneen Borelli and Reverend C.L. Bryant. Glenn Beck talked to both Borelli and Bryant during a March 14, 2012 segment of GBTV (now TheBlazeTV). Borelli discussed her book, Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation,  while Bryant was discussing his movie “Runaway Slave”, which basically addresses the same topic as Borelli’s book.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by GlennBeckBookList

(H/T: GBTV (now The Blaze TV), Rusty Robinson via Twitter)

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