Conservative Campaign Committee Chair Stands Behind Phil

In the last few days, the unjust (and then somewhat rectified) treatment of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty by A & E for quoting what God’s Word says has been a part of every news cycle.  Although the intent by most liberal media outlets was to get the juicy scoop on the Conservative Christian so that they could boost their ratings, what the frenzy accomplished was that a conversation about the values that the Bible teaches was a dinner table discussion throughout our nation.  In his article at TCU Nation, Lloyd Marcus, chairman of the  Conservative Campaign Committee, wrote of the Duck Dynasty patriarch, “Well meaning folks on our side have been criticizing Phil; his interpretation of scripture and so on. While such observations may or may not be true, there are a plethora of vicious left-wing pundits ripping Phil to threads with exaggerations, distortions and lies. Displaying manhood and backbone that has become rare in America, Phil courageously took a stand against political correctness for us; our principles and values. Therefore, I will not dare criticize him. I choose to view my Phil Robertson glass half full. Thanks again brother Phil. You are appreciated and respected more than you will ever know.”

The editor of would like to express his gratitude to both Phil Robertson AND Lloyd Marcus.  BOTH are taking a stand for what is righteous, just, and wholesome in America.

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