When It Comes to Gun Control: Obama Regime Deems Right to Privacy Unimportant

It is amazing that liberals, who claim to be concerned about “rights to privacy” when it comes to the right to chop unborn babies to bits, don’t make a sound as the government slowly erodes their right to medical privacy and their right to bear arms away from them.  According to Weasel Zippers, the Obama Administration has proposed new executive actions on gun background checks. One proposal from Vice President Biden’s office, according to Fox News  would formally give permission to states to submit “the limited information necessary to help keep guns out of potentially dangerous hands,” without having to worry about the privacy provisions in a law known as HIPAA.  This is indeed a slippery slope that America is traveling down.  HIPAA is being disregarded.   According to the Associated Press via The Grio, the  proposed rule change would give hospitals and other entities covered by patient privacy provisions more flexibility in the information they provide to the background check system.   This is indeed a slippery slope that America is traveling down.  HIPAA is being disregarded.  Furthermore, now the IRS has access to the healthcare insurance and medical data of millions of Americans. (Granted, it is unclear how much information the IRS will have in regard to one’s medical records, but given the recent actions of targeting of conservatives by the IRS, ANY INFORMATION in their hands is cause for concern.)

(H/T:  AP, Weasel Zippers, Fox News, Washington Times, Galen.org)

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