U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules North Carolina ‘Choose Life’ License Plate Unconstitutional

According to Breitbart.com , the Fourth United States Court of Appeals in North Carolina ruled that ‘Choose Life’ license plates were unconstitutional.
Rather than allow ‘Choose Death’ (the honest approach) license plates, or the deceptive ‘Pro-Choice’ license plates for those who advocate murdering unborn children, the court decided to curtail First Amendment rights to Free Speech guaranteed by the American Constitution.   In a statement exhibiting the twisted logic subscribed to by most pro-infanticide liberals, American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina attorney Chris Brook said in a written statement,”Today’s ruling protects the right of North Carolinians of all political beliefs to have equal access to avenues for free speech.”   The North Carolina “Choose Life” plates are very similar in appearance to this Texas license plate.

Tens of thousands of dollars raised from sales of newly authorized "Choose Life" license plates in Texas will go to 13 crisis pregnancy centers and adoption agencies.
(Image Courtesy of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot)

(H/T: Breitbart.com)

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