Self Professed Left Wing Atheist Can’t Take Heat When He Receives His Own Medicine

Why is it that liberals choose to harass people, but when they are given a taste of their own medicine, they play the victim? Self-professed atheist Damien Roberts was harassing @MichelleMalkin but had resorted to logging the tweets  of @ShaynRoby1 in “Favorite” status before the conversation finally ended several hours later.  Supposedly, Mr. Roberts, a.k.a.  @Dam744 was now ready to pretend like he didn’t bring all of this on himself by tweeting that Mrs. Malkin should be muzzled. Apparently, Mr. Roberts believes in the expression of First Amendment rights, until conservatives express THEIR First Amendment rights. (He’s in the zone with typical liberal hypocritical mode of course.)

Perhaps saying all liberals lack common sense was a little harsh, but there’s no doubt that one shouldn’t always exercise their First Amendment rights just because they have the legal right to do so.

Mr. Roberts was having none of it though, as he kicked into self-righteous lib mode. He must have felt like a real man, while verbally attacking a conservative female.

Perhaps the bully felt violated, because he favorited this final tweet.

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