Editor’s Apology: Reblog Included Unintentional Profanity

A recent argument between Nick Searcy, and nutbag liberal congressional candidate Mike Dickinson was reblogged on ShaynRoby.com, that included a candid, but less than civil tweet by Mr. Searcy that was not intended to appear on this blog.    When the story was re-tweeted from Twitchy.com, (warning, link leads to story that contains profanity)  the unintended re-posting of the profane part of the exchange was posted on this site as well.  Although, the editor of ShaynRoby.com agrees that Mr. Dickinson does indeed deserve to be slapped, it still does not serve the values of most of the readers of this particular blog, nor those of the editor to post profanity.  Mike Dickinson accused the Tea Party of being a racist entity, an accusation that is so ludicrous and venomous that he indeed should be chastised from every angle possible by every conservative leaning patriot in our great American nation.     Dickinson, as Alonzo Rachel of PJ Media puts it, needs to “come out of his KKK closet.”

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