Obama Gives Pope Vegetable Seeds, Francis Gives Obama Writings on Morality

In a meeting between President Barack Obama and Pope Francis, Obama gave the Pope vegetable seeds, and Francis gave the president writings on morality called Evangelii Gaudium.  According to CNS News, it is a leather bound copy that Pope Francis frequently gives to heads of state.  Francis wrote these papers on morality, which contains strong condemnations of abortion as well as asking the faithful to care for the poor.  Perhaps at least half of what is written will be ignored by the American head of state, as he has always vigorously defended the rights of pregnant mothers to commit infanticide if they choose to do so.

Katie Pavlich, in an article at TownHall.com reminded defenders of the unborn that President Obama once called a newborn baby a “fetus outside of the womb,” and voted in Illinois multiple times against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, legislation that requires doctors to give babies who survive abortions medical care and full protections under the law. In other words, by voting against the Born Alive  Infant Protection Act Obama voted to support infanticide and for leaving babies who survive abortions to die.

(H/T:  Weasel Zippers)


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