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Issa: ‘We’ll probably never know’ what happened to Lerner’s hard drive

Shayn Roby’s Take: Lois Lerner exercised her Fifth Amendment rights and declined to answer any questions that may have been asked of her by Congress. Her emails now have been “lost”. She should be charged with Obstruction of Justice and serve jail time when convicted.

CNN Political Ticker

(CNN) – Rep. Darrell Issa said Sunday the committee he chairs will “probably never know” if a computer crash that destroyed sought-after e-mails was a deliberate act to cover up wrongdoing at the IRS.

In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley, the California Republican said that though the hard drive belonging to former IRS official Lois Lerner is “physically gone,” there’s evidence that she was in violation of some agency regulations and laws.

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‘What’s stopping her?’ Pelosi visits border, says she wants to take children ‘home with her’ [pics]

Shayn Roby’s Take: Nancy Pelosi rushed to the border so that she could talk to illegal aliens, more commonly known as “unregistered Democrats”.  Meanwhile, some of Pelosi’s favorite illegal aliens were storming the offices of Ed Royce and Darrell Issa.

Education activists stage sit-in for full statewide funding

Shayn Roby’s Take: A member of the Teacher’s Union in Harrisburg, PA is ready to protest fully equipped with the Communist hand tea-shirt that is indeed an icon for the progressive movement.


In Harrisburg, it’s a fight for full funding. Education activists announced Thursday that they are staging a sit-in at the state Capitol.

Parents, teachers, and students plan to stay at the Capitol everyday until  Governor Tom Corbett signs a budget that restores one-billion dollars in cuts to education statewide and raises revenue through fair and humane measures.

“Across the state, our children are suffering from two and three years of serious budget cuts. Schools don’t have full-time nurses, or counselors, class size has risen, we don’t have arts and music. Things more affluent communities take for granted in their schools, we’re losing. We’re mortgaging our children’s futures with these cuts in education, ” sit-in organizer Jon Whitehorne said, who is with the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools

Activists are also calling for fair revenue from taxing fracking, Medicaid expansion, and a freeze on business tax cuts.

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Public Catching on to Lack of Leadership from Obama Administration

The multiple scandals in which the Obama administration is involved are starting to erode the confidence of the American people in the ability of the supposed Commander-in-Chief to lead.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Washington Free Beacon

Repeated refusals to comply with contempt orders from Congress and to secure the borders of our nation have resulted in a cynicism toward the oval office not seen since the Carter administration.  Adding fuel to the fire is an insistence of the liberals to continue pursuing issues that are unimportant to most Americans, such as the constant badgering of the Washington Redskins for their team name.   In addition to an insistence on imposing tyranny on Americans with conservative ideologies, the same advocates of big government control endlessly attack the right of Americans to bear arms in which to defend themselves.

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Conservation agency pushes rules for Missouri deer

Shayn Roby’s Take: A close eye needs to be trained on chronic wasting disease.  Also, releasing tame deer into the wild should be discouraged.  It gives tamed deer a very small chance of surviving hunting season as these deer have oftentimes developed a trust of humans that is detrimental to their chances for survival.

Former Federal Prosecutor Makes Political Case To Impeach Obama

Mike Pintek of Radio 1020 in KDKA /CBS Pittsburgh, the nation’s first radio station, spoke on air with former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, who wrote the book “Faithless Execution: Building the Case for Obama’s Impeachment”, which makes the politcal case to impeach President Barack Obama.

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Roby’s Right Corner also learned through Greg Corombos at WND that McCarthy also believes there may also be impeachable offenses on this front in the recent prisoner swap that allowed five key Taliban figures to go free from Guantanamo in exchange for captive U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl.

(H/T:  KDKA/ Pittsburgh)