Public Catching on to Lack of Leadership from Obama Administration

The multiple scandals in which the Obama administration is involved are starting to erode the confidence of the American people in the ability of the supposed Commander-in-Chief to lead.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Washington Free Beacon

Repeated refusals to comply with contempt orders from Congress and to secure the borders of our nation have resulted in a cynicism toward the oval office not seen since the Carter administration.  Adding fuel to the fire is an insistence of the liberals to continue pursuing issues that are unimportant to most Americans, such as the constant badgering of the Washington Redskins for their team name.   In addition to an insistence on imposing tyranny on Americans with conservative ideologies, the same advocates of big government control endlessly attack the right of Americans to bear arms in which to defend themselves.

(H/T:  Roby’s Right Corner and NBC News)

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