Education activists stage sit-in for full statewide funding

Shayn Roby’s Take: A member of the Teacher’s Union in Harrisburg, PA is ready to protest fully equipped with the Communist hand tea-shirt that is indeed an icon for the progressive movement.


In Harrisburg, it’s a fight for full funding. Education activists announced Thursday that they are staging a sit-in at the state Capitol.

Parents, teachers, and students plan to stay at the Capitol everyday until  Governor Tom Corbett signs a budget that restores one-billion dollars in cuts to education statewide and raises revenue through fair and humane measures.

“Across the state, our children are suffering from two and three years of serious budget cuts. Schools don’t have full-time nurses, or counselors, class size has risen, we don’t have arts and music. Things more affluent communities take for granted in their schools, we’re losing. We’re mortgaging our children’s futures with these cuts in education, ” sit-in organizer Jon Whitehorne said, who is with the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools

Activists are also calling for fair revenue from taxing fracking, Medicaid expansion, and a freeze on business tax cuts.

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