Heisman Trophy Winner Marcus Mariota, “All in for Jesus”

When a Heisman Trophy winner is “all in for Jesus” as much as he is for excelling on the football field, it draws the attention of believers in Jesus who would not otherwise pay as much attention to the sport. Marcus Mariota’s desire to glorify Jesus in all that he does is special. It puts him in a unique class of athlete that even sometimes transcends longstanding college football rivalries. It’s difficult to not root for the guy if you are a believer in Christ. It’s a phenomenon that doesn’t occur often, but is similar to the attention warranted by Tim Tebow. The editor of ShaynRoby.wordpress.com understands this, because he found himself rooting for Tim Tebow at the professional level even though as an avid fan of the Tennessee Volunteers, an affinity for an ex-Florida Gator would be looked upon as bizarre and borderline sacrilege.

Mariota and his Oregon Ducks will play against the Florida State Seminoles on Thursday in the Rose Bowl for the right to advance to the NCAA Championship game.  Regardless of whether the Ducks win, his accomplishments are a good way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Mariota was introduced to The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) while starting at quarterback as a senior for St. Louis High School in Honolulu. That year he led his team to an 11-1 record, earned a state title and won the PepStar Magazine All-West Region and Interscholastic League of Honolulu Offensive Player of the Year awards. Just before the onset of his stellar 2014 season at Oregon, Mariota told FCA that he strives to go “all in” for Christ and his team, according to One News Now.

FCA president and CEO Les Steckel says that celebrating his Christian nonprofit organization’s 60th anniversary couldn’t have come at a better time. He indicated that his ministry couldn’t have asked to celebrate six decades with a more godly and Christ-honoring athlete than Mariota, who played alongside 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel at the NUC All World Game.

Finishing up 2014 with a believer in Christ winning the Heisman Trophy caps off a year in which millions of people heard the gospel, and accepted Christ.  Marcus Mariota seeks to do what all believers should:   We should all seek to glorify Jesus everything that we do.

(H/T: Michael F. Haverluck/ One News Now)


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