Diane and Mildred’s Gospel Arts: Lifting Up Jesus and the Hope in People’s Hearts

“If you’re young, adult, senior, healthy, depressed, feeble or indifferent, this music is just for you!” That’s what the press release from Christian NewsWire says.  The release is truthful, but it’s true because these ladies are humbly serving the Lord with a loving spirit.   After Sister Diane McCoy was so gracious to return the call left by the editor of this publication, there is absolutely no doubt that that is the case.  Her demeanor is warm, gentle, and born of God’s grace and mercy.   That’s just her spirit that was detected in a short conversation, but the music that she and her partner MIldred perform along with the Gospel Music Arts Band, praising our Lord and Savior Jesus conveys that spirit as well.  Their gospel show, Diane and Mildred’s Gospel Arts, features other bluegrass and country gospel music performers as well, such as New Harvest, and the Holston River Boys. Diane and Mildred live worlds apart (New York and Tennessee), but by God’s grace, their alliance has proven a powerful contender for a wide audience eager for spiritual fulfillment.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Gospel Music Arts

(H/T: Christian Newswire)

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