No God Has Not Stopped Commanding People to Repent

There are those people who have had a brief trip to the altar at church and asked Jesus to come into their hearts who maintain that now that they are saved by Jesus, that they are able to live as they please and still enjoy everlasting fellowship in the presence of our Lord. Such rhetoric perhaps would prompt one to ask the question, “Has God stopped commanding people to repent of their sins?”.

In his article at the Christian Post, Dan Delzell writes, “A genuine relationship with God always involves repentance. It involves turning away from sin and turning toward the will of God. It is a desire to live for the Lord. It is sorrow for sin and a desire to do the right thing. It is honest, and it calls a spade a spade.”

For today’s Christian, calling a spade a spade means honestly identifying sin for what it is. All types of sexual immorality are sin, no matter to whom such a concept might seem offensive. Following the doctrine of a religion that denies the Deity of Jesus is missing the mark as well. It’s relatively hard to acquire forgiveness of sin through the blood of Jesus when one does not believe that He died for our sins and has the power to wash them (sins) away with His blood.

Scripture from the Book of Matthew (3:8) says “Therefore bear fruit in keeping with repentance.” It means Christians are supposed to live fruitful lives free from sin, instead of wrongly assuming that salvation is a decided issue and becoming dedicated to pursuing the sinful desires of the heart.

(H/T: Dan Delzell/ Christian Post)


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