Tim Tebow Chastised for Doing the Right Thing

We live in a society that gives most of its attention to those who are self-indulgent and live for the if it feels good do it moment.  Rap stars, rock stars, movie stars, and athletes with the bling bling (Mr. T. Starter Kits) hanging around their necks, appendages, and sticking into and out of their facial orifices receive the attention from a society that is thirsty for vile, vulgar, erotic, and sexually provocative conduct.  Those individuals who choose to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ receive attention from people, but in a world where everything seems to be inside out and upside down, that attention tends to be negative and critical rather than being framed the way it should be.  Former Heisman Trophy winner and short term pro-athlete Tim Tebow once again has received that kind of treatment from commenters at various publications for praying with the distraught wife of a man who was fighting for his life on a Delta airlines flight.  According to CBN News, several posters dealt Mr. Tebow such insults as, “What a putz,” simply for doing what any compassionate Christian would be expected to do.

The treatment Mr. Tebow receives from a skeptical, increasingly non-Christian public is a sad commentary on the reluctance of  people to follow the guidance of Jesus, and be a reflection of The Original Light, but rather instead are more likely to be a beacon for Lucifer, the counterfeit light, who leads individuals on paths to destruction.  Tim Tebow’s contributions to society stand alone as a testament to what he is all about.  His foundation, TimTebowFoundation.org, states its mission as being to  “bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need”.  It also states that it is Mr. Tebow’s desire to use the public platform that God has blessed (him) with “to inspire and make a difference in peoples lives throughout the world”.  It’s sad that Tim Tebow doesn’t receive more praise for trying to live for Jesus and make this world a better place, but one has to remember that Jesus Himself was crucified by a cruel and Godless humanity even as he died to forgive the sins of all who would accept such a gracious and merciful gift.


(H/T:  CBN News)


Tim Tebow Foundation/ TimTebowFoundation.org



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