Life Long NFL Fans Ready to Boycott Over “Black Power” Fists

The National Football league informed the Dallas Cowboys in August that they could not wear decals on their helmets this season honoring the five fallen police officers who were shot in Dallas in a July ambush, even though the team filed a formal request to wear the decal.  Such action might be deemed as acceptable had the league been just as firm in fining players who raised their fists high in  manner consistent with the gesture commonly associated with the “Black Power” movement.  So far, the National Football League has not fined any players for displaying such racially divisive expressions.

The league’s action, or lack thereof has alienated thousands of fans, many of whom have expressed a desire to boycott watching NFL games.

Hopefully, the league will wake up and realize that endorsement, or passive de facto permissiveness of expression of such offensive ideology is damaging to the image of their product and brand.  Many of the people who are discussing boycott of the league are fans who have been watching the game for forty years or more, and who have almost lived, breathed, and ate football all of their lives.



It would be a shame for a league that has had such brilliant marketing savvy over the past four decades or so to lose a large portion of its popularity over its desire to be disgustingly overly politically correct in a quest to cater to a left wing political agenda.



(H/T: Sports/ Fox News)

Zac Jackson/ NBC Sports

Deplorable Pastor BoneDonovan Crum , Mike Cernovich, and Dan Bongino/ Twitter

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