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Stanley Cup Finals in Nashville!!

The Jamaican bobsledding team won an Olympic medal, and now at least two Stanley Cup Final Games will be hosted in Nashville.  The Predators defeated the Anaheim Ducks 6-3 to clinch the Western Conference Finals, and await the winner of the series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Ottawa Senators in the Stanley Cup Finals.




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The Progressive Assault on Christian Higher Education

Seattle Pacific University, which proclaims on its website that it is “a place where 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students gain a superb education grounded on the gospel of Jesus Christ — and the tools to influence the world for good”, is in the midst of a full blown attack by Satan’s LGBTQ army.  In an article posted at The Falcon, SPU student Athena Duran featured students whom are members of The Haven, an LGBTQ club that is sanctioned by the university.  It focused on the comfort and/ or discomfort felt by these students in a Christian environment.  Given the fact that the university has even hosted an LGBTQ leadership conference, one has to question the spiritual discernment of the members of the faculty and administration at Seattle Pacific.

As followers of Christ, believers should be welcoming to all people.  However, they should not be condoning conduct that is sinful according to God’s Holy Word, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes those who insist on continuing in the debauchery of a reprobate lifestyle.


Many students at SPU have been grumbling at the hiring of Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Sandra Mayo, whom reportedly holds the position of adhering to “Biblical standards” on sexuality.  Such complaining prompts one of a reasonable mind to ask the question, “If one is opposed to the adherence to Biblical standards, why would he or she choose to attend a Christian oriented university in the first place?”

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